Improving existing food products

Improving existing products, shelf life, packaging technologies, etc. Optimization of production processing – Various factors can influence a manufacturer's decision to invest in optimization of production processing: The need to lower production costs The need to simplify production processing. Extending shelf life technological progress. Food safety. (HACCP, and other quality standards) Work safety of the […]

Consulting on innovation and patents

Guidance in choosing and submitting to one of the various tracks of fund supporting organizations like The Chief Scientist Foundation in Europe, The Innovation Authority in Israel, etc.  Consulting and drafting of patents- choosing the right track to protect the IP of the project to maintain your advantage in your value proposition. Development and upgrading […]

Food quality and safety standards

Food quality and safety standards – Preparation for certification and guidance to factories to meet ISO22000FSSC, HACCP, BRC, GMP standards. From the conception to certification: What is a ‘standard mark’? A standard mark is in fact a certificate that the organization receives on behalf of accredited certification bodies (on behalf of international standardization organizations) that […]

Food Tech and Futurism

Where food meets innovation in technology Developing sustainable technologies to feed a fast-growing population worldwide In partnership with Margalit Start-up City in Kiryat Shemona In partnership with Avnon Group, Tel Hai college and Migal Research institute to manage the National Food Institute of Israel.   Start-up Nation in a plate Israel is considered a leading […]

Advanced culinary technics and approach

Culinary consulting on product development and improvement, for factories, restaurants, catering kitchens and start-ups by a Senior Chef with more than 30 years of experience in the food industry. A product development chef should have a broad view, a macro-strategic view, know every station and corner in the stages of food product development, familiarity with […]

Import and regulation

Food import permits, preparation of labels text and product symbols adhering to standardization rules. Export – compliance with the requirements of the countries exporting to. Import permits – shelf stable and unstable food Importing food is a complex business in itself and it is extremely important to avoid any mishaps that may occur when the […]

Manufacturer's license and factory planning

Manufacturer's license and factory planning – Professional guidance for factory establishment and production lines, including restaurants and logistic centers, for submission to the Ministry of Health.  Manufacturer's license A manufacturer's license is a key component in obtaining a business license. The license is obtained from the district health ministry responsible for the area where the […]

Food product development activity

For whom the service is required Food Innovation Industries – Development of next generation food products Classic industries – development and upgrade of products in the traditional industry Development of food products rich in protein, dietary fibres, energy food, etc. Reduction of sodium (salt), sugars or saturated fatty acids (fats) Prosolv's team of experts offers […]

רישיון יצרן מזון – ליווי ע"י מהנדס מזון בכיר, טכנולוג מזון בכיר 25 שנות ניסיון

מה זה רישיון יצרן מזון ומי מנפיק אותו? רישיון יצרן מזון הוא מסמך שכל עסק בתחום המזון נדרש להחזיק ובתוקף. מדובר במסמך המחייב עמידה בחוקים, סטנדרטים ותקנות, שעוברים עדכונים מתקופה לתקופה. רשיון היצרן הינו חלק קריטי מרישיון העסק. הרישיון משלים את הגורמים הרגולטוריים האחרים הרלוונטיים לרישיון העסק, הכוללים את אגף הנדסה ברשות המקומית, כיבוי אש, […]

מהו טכנולוג מזון? מהם תחומי אחריותו? איך הוא משפיע על שורת הרווח בקרב יזמים, מפעלים ויצרני מזון?

טכנולוג מזון המומחה לפיתוח, שיפור, פיקוח ובקרת מזון מקצוע שצובר תאוצה משמעותית בעשור האחרון! ראיון עם טכנולוג המזון הבכיר ארתורו גייפמן, ומהנדס המזון הבכיר גיא טובי, להם ניסיון של מעל 25 שנה בתעשיית המזון הישראלית, מייסדי ומנהלי חברת פרוסולב טכנולוגיות.  מראיין: משה שמש הכתבה בלשון זכר אך מכוונת לגברים ונשים כאחד. מהו טכנולוג מזון? ומה […]