Consulting on innovation and patents

Guidance in choosing and submitting to one of the various tracks of fund supporting organizations like The Chief Scientist Foundation in Europe, The Innovation Authority in Israel, etc.

 Consulting and drafting of patents- choosing the right track to protect the IP of the project to maintain your advantage in your value proposition.

Development and upgrading of advanced food products

In the State of Israel, there is a rich in know-how, strategic, independent and creative industry in the field of food product development, food technology, food product improvement, an industry with an active entrepreneurial culture, which produces thousands of food products per year, which are in line in the local and global Food tech zone.

Consulting and support for entrepreneurs and manufacturers

Prosolv Technologies helps food manufacturers, entrepreneurs and start-ups, with professional advice and support, submission to the unique routes of the Innovation Authority, as well as advice and drafting for patents.

Prosolv Technologies helps entrepreneurs in the field of food-tech to manage, organize, create an effective business relationship in front of the authority's policy, through various support channels, financing and assistance tools, Prosolv creates collaborations with other authorized authorities around the world to help entrepreneurs and enterprises in promoting technological innovation in the food Industry worldwide.

The State of Israel has set as its goal innovation as a strategic and important source of growth, to ensure the economic prosperity of the Israeli economy. In the fields of research, Prosolv Technologies, together with the academy, deals with the issues of developing nutritious, high-quality, with a low carbon footprint, suitable for the average consumer as well as for consumers with unique needs. Many topics are of general importance: how we will consume food in the future, the connection between sustainability and food, saving the planet for future generations, and ensuring that the food our children will consume will be healthier and more balanced.