Food product development activity

For whom the service is required

Food Innovation Industries – Development of next generation food products

Classic industries – development and upgrade of products in the traditional industry

Development of food products rich in protein, dietary fibres, energy food, etc.

Reduction of sodium (salt), sugars or saturated fatty acids (fats)

Prosolv's team of experts offers the whole package in one place. Food engineers and technology experts specialize in diverse industries with many years of experience, who have led significant processes in many leading companies. The team has vast knowledge of diverse and up-to-date raw materials at the height of the technologies available in the world. In addition, one of the most prominent regulatory experts in the market, accompaniment for a manufacturer's license and production planning, futurism and market research, culinary chefs, packaging experts, product safety and quality standards, etc. A company that accompanies the project from the concept definition stage, including the "scale-up" production stage until the product is produced commercially for marketing.

New customers, new markets

Large companies, small and start-ups, introduce thousands of new food products every year.

Efficiency, professionalism, saving time, money, and resources

Creating low carbon print processing

The time spent developing a new product range from 6 months to 3 years, depending on the degree of innovation and development of the technology.

Our extensive experience in these processes allows us to lead our customers to the right milestones to save costs and a lot of time in such a complex process.