Professional and expert opinions, director titles

Professional and expert opinions, director titles – Professional opinions for insurance claims, arbitrations, etc. Graduates of the director’s course.

Various events lead to disputes between a customer and outside entities, such as: an insurance company, government authority, clients, and so on.

Mistakes happen all the time. Some are serious and some are not. An expert opinion makes it possible to examine what the source of the issue is. Whether it is a change that has taken place in the product, either in the finished product or raw material. Whether it is essential to production and the product cannot be consumed, or to estimate the economic damage.

Another issue that occurs is when there is a dispute between a government authority, such as income tax, and a customer. The controversy can be regarding an issue of production depreciation and the like that affects the difference between the quantity of raw material purchased and the amount of product that appears in the sale. The government authority can claim that there is a disappearance of reporting of sales, etc. so it is necessary to examine the issue technologically both in terms of processes, destruction of goods that can not be sold for regulatory or health reasons, and more.

The issues that arise are unique and varied, the product areas are different and the advantage when patterning with Prosolv is that we are there when our customers are required to provide a solution in a certain field. Our company's diverse team allows us to provide a quick, accurate and appropriate solution for the dispute in a professional manner, in order to avoid dragging the issue through the courts. This causes significant delays in time and often is also a waste of many resources. Sometimes, by the time the ruling is made, the entire process is no longer worthwhile or feasible.

Directors – The company has several officials who have completed courses and certification for directorships at the Technion and Bar-Ilan University for the benefit of guiding companies in the food industry.