Thinking of developing a food product?
Upgrading one?
Importing / exporting food products?

Prosolv provides technology and innovation from the development to the production line

Our range of services

Planning and development of food products and nutritional supplements from concept through technology to the shelf for manufacturers, start-ups and entrepreneurs, manufacturer's license and plant planning planning of plants and serial production lines, restaurants, logistic centres and submission to the Ministry of Health import export and regulation approvals Import of food, preparation of labels and product marking in accordance with the rules of standardization, export – adaptation to the requirements of the destination countries, food-tech and futurity due diligence, aiming at the application of JI, partnership in Margalit Start-up City.

Innovation and Patent Authority accompaniment and submission to the various courses of the Innovation Authority, consultation and drafting for patents, quality and food safety standards preparation for certification and accompaniment of factories to ISO, HACCP, BRC, GMP standards, culinary, expert chefs culinary consulting for product development and improvement, for factories, restaurants , catering and start-ups, improvement of food products improvement of existing products, shelf life, packaging technologies. 
Expert witness
 professional expert witness for insurance claims, arbitrations and more.
Nutritional Supplements – All the benefits and solutions in the field of supplements

Manufacturers, importers, exporters, restaurateurs – Branding marketing support And increasing sales in the food sector.

Partners of the International Foodtech Galilee Center

Prosolv is a strategic partner in the vision of Erel Margalit, the founder of the JVP Foundation, who established Margalit Start Up City Galil, the International Food-tech Center in the Galilee. The center is a tremendous growth engine for the economy in Israel. The innovative Food-tech Center inaugurated in September 2021 aims to provide solutions to the world's strategic problems, including smart agriculture, global warming, world hunger and the need for healthy food.

Margalit Startup City Galil is a home for collaboration and knowledge sharing between universities, well-known research institutes, startups and more. Also, exposure and support of local and international investment funds, accelerator, relevant professional experts such as: attorney, CPA, engineers and food technologists (Prosolv company) and more. In addition, a center for workshops for the young people of the Lower and Upper Galilee for them to receive tools to become international entrepreneurs and learn in tracks with a future of entrepreneurship, technology and innovation.

First-class team

The vocation of senior food engineers and technologists, culinary expert chefs, food standardization and regulation experts, packaging experts, marketing and branding consultants of Prosolv, with decades of experience and proven successes in hundreds of companies and food brands to lead and lead you, in full partnership to achieve all the goals defined in the brief!

The challenge is exciting, renewable food

We are here food engineers and technologists, culinary experts chefs, regulatory experts and more, for you, to turn a conceptual idea of entrepreneurs, into an experiential and sought-after food. Take an existing food product to make it up-to-date and desirable, to give the concept of food tech expression. For us, food is not just about satisfying those who excite, innovate, excite!

Creativity, enterprise and passion

Our challenge and joy to be the developers and upgraders of the next generation of food products that people love. To turn food products into desirable brands, act with creativity, courage, passion and care in every project from small to huge.

Advance technology

To act with a mission, to implement advanced technological processes in the food industry, to improve food, to create quality food, to inspire and enrich the lives of consumers around the world.

One Stop Shop

To be the best, at any given time, the service is 360 degrees of a "one stop shop", all advanced, professional and creative solutions, a variety of services all under one roof where we accompany the process from the unique idea stage of an entrepreneur or food-tech startup to that the product reaches the shelf for retail, institutional sale or as a raw material for industry..

National Food Institute – Winners of a tender for the establishment and professional management of the National Food Institute together with the Avnon Group, which will be established at Tel Hai College soon.

The expert team

Experienced management of processes in a methodology built on the experience of dozens of projects. You are in the center and in front of you is a project manager who coordinates the professional response from the team of Prosolv experts.