Improving existing food products

Improving existing products, shelf life, packaging technologies, etc.

Optimization of production processing –

Various factors can influence a manufacturer's decision to invest in optimization of production processing:

  • The need to lower production costs
  • The need to simplify production processing.
  • Extending shelf life
  • technological progress.
  • Food safety. (HACCP, and other quality standards)
  • Work safety of the employees.
  • Replacing unwanted ingredients in your product
  • Improving packaging

Improving the shelf life of a product

The shelf life of a product is determined by the manufacturer and under his responsibility, but what is desired does not always match what is possible.

The shelf life of a product depends on several factors:

  • Production environment hygiene
  • The composition and quality of the raw materials
  • Manufacturing process
  • Packing
  • Storage conditions and supply chain.

To meet a desired shelf life, these conditions must be met.

Sometimes it is enough to improve one parameter to reach the desired goal, and sometimes it is necessary to improve the entire process.