Nutritional Supplements

Dietary supplements are already the next big thing.  About 40 percent of the world's population take some type of dietary supplement!  The standards and regulatory requirements vary from year to year. 


Regulatory services – shortening processes and approvals for: dietary supplement manufacturers, importers of dietary supplements, exporters of dietary supplements. Prosolv has a food technologist on the team who specializes in nutritional supplements.

We offer a range of services in the field of nutritional supplements:

  •  Improving and using organoleptics for dietary supplements
  •  Nutrition supplement consumption app
  •  Upgrading existing supplements
  •  Guidance for accelerating the process and organizing import permits
  •  Authorization to write and arrange text on packaging and labels of packaging of nutritional supplements for Israel and countries the product is designated for.
  •  Nutritional supplement safety assessment for a variety of ingredients.
  •  Professional approach to the Ministry of Health in registering new nutritional supplements
  • Guidance, organization and comprehensive planning of production lines for quality and safety standards
  •  Management of technological and production processes in the production of food and nutritional supplements
  •  Management, planning and supervision of production lines in the field of nutritional supplements
  •  Professional guidance in risk management and product safety