Import and regulation

Food import permits, preparation of labels text and product symbols adhering to standardization rules. Export – compliance with the requirements of the countries exporting to.

Import permits – shelf stable and unstable food

Importing food is a complex business in itself and it is extremely important to avoid any mishaps that may occur when the goods enter the country. Food regulation is very dynamic and it is important to be extremely familiar with the rules in order to ensure that goods are not permited for marketing or delayed in their arrival.

We offer professional, accurate and unrivaled service. There are many cases of class action lawsuits for misleading or inaccurate labeling, as well as merchandise that is disqualified for marketing due to non-compliance with the local standard. This is often discouraging and tremendously economically damaging. Professional guidance is a must for this process to avoid such issues.

Our team examines all the documents of the supplier from abroad. If there is a problem, our customers will be notified in advance how to act -guiding our customers with the manufacturer to ensure that everything complies with the laws in Israel, and if there is a problem, our customers will save a lot of time in an irrelevant process. After, we submit the applications for import to the Ministry of Health portal and our customers will receive a pre-import permit according to the shelf stable or unstable product legislation.

Import approvals are made through us quickly, professionally and efficiently.

Preparation of labels text

Relevant for  local new products or imported products, from the ingredients and information from the manufacturer and suppliers of raw materials, which translate to: nutritional values ​​for the product, ingredients, allergens and more. We of course also check the definition of the food name and the sizes of letters and symbols. All this in accordance with all existing labeling requirements in Israel: Israel standard #1145 – Pre-packaged food labeling, Israel standard for various foods, nutritional labeling regulations, food supplement regulations and national food service guidelines.

The importance of the issue and the financial risk involved is one of the most significant risks that exist in the food industry. Ignorance of the law does not excuse incompliance. Many attorneys look for these mistakes in class action lawsuits.

An incorrectly labeled product can harm a consumer who may be allergic to a certain ingredient or cause the public to be misled and thus be disqualified from marketing in the country. Sometimes, one wrong word is harmful. Many importers and manufacturers have been burned for product disqualification or re-call and have suffered significant economic damage. Often, it is only after such an event that companies understand that a professional company is necessary to provide the most professional, fast and efficient service.

Our team is one of the market leaders in the field of regulation.


Export of goods or raw material: The process requires knowledge of the target market and we will examine target markets for the feasibility of the export and the process required to perform well, including preparing a label suitable for these markets (mainly the US and the European common market).