Planning, development and upgrading of
Food products and nutritional supplements

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The leading company in Israel in technology, food engineering, product development ,product improvement and product optimization!

The company's owners are food technologist Arturo Geifman and food engineer Guy Toby and senior management team Culinary Sr. Chef Gilad Dolev and food technologist Gilad Rahamim, with over 25 years of professional experience, leading companies in the food industry in Israel, specializing in development and quality assurance.‏

In June 2022, the company won the tender for the establishment and professional management of the Israeli National Food Institute, in cooperation with the Avnon Group. The institute will be established at the North of Israel in cooperation with Tel Hai College, Migal Research institute and support from the Ministry of Commerce.איק

Our Services

Guidance in choosing and submitting to one of the various tracks of fund supporting organizations like The Chief Scientist Foundation in Europe, The Innovation Authority in Israel, etc.

Start-up Nation in a plate

Israel is considered a leading power in the world in the field of food tech, in Israel there is an active food tech community with about 600 food tech companies.

Improving existing products, shelf life, packaging technologies, etc.
Optimization of production processing
Various factors can influence a manufacturer's decision to invest in optimization of production processing

Culinary consulting on product development and improvement, for factories, restaurants, catering kitchens and start-ups by a Senior Chef with more than 30 years of experience in the food industry.

For whom the service is required. Food Innovation Industries – Development of next generation food products.
Classic industries – development and upgrade of products in the traditional industry.

Developing a new food product?

Upgrading an existing product?

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Our Advantages


Leading strategic moves & developing advanced technologies in collaboration with leading universities.

VC funds

Joint activity with VC funds and partnerships in the Margalit start-up center.


Extensive experience in adjustments required for scale up process.

First class team

Food engineers and technologists, culinary expert chefs, food standardization and regulation experts, packaging experts, food safety & QA managers.

Accurate development & cost saving

Successful methodology for developing & improving products.

Independent R & D lab

For POC & prototypes.

Up to date

Advanced technologies and
innovative raw materials

Our advantages

First class team

Accurate development & cost saving

Independent R & D lab


VC funds


Up to date

Our Management Team

Arturo Geifman

Food technologist B.Sc.
Expert on product development  and raw materials

Guy Tovy

Food engineer MBA
Expert on project management
and factory planning

Research and Development Chef,
Culinary strategist
and an efficiency expert
for Institutional kitchens

Gilad Rachamim

Expert food technologist
for product development
and quality assurance

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