Culinary Consultant Chef for Food Product Development Food Product Upgrade Chef, Culinary Consultant Chef for Restaurants, Catering Auctions for Employees.

It is known, not everyone who knows how to cook, will be able to succeed in the job of managing a business in the food industry. Besides the talent and knowledge in cooking, there are important things to keep and be careful about and for which skill and experience are needed.

It is recommended to hire the services of Culinary consultant, who will be able to guide and ease the difficulties, from many years of experience and acquaintances. Just as an architect and a contractor will be required for the construction of a building, so also in establishing a business, or accompanying an existing business that is in distress / stuck, there is a need for an expert consultant, who will accompany, guide, suggest and lead the business to success and prosperity.

Chef research and development of food products and upgrade food products in culinary

Promotion of ideas for new and upgraded food products and their adaptation

Chef developing and upgrading food products, knows the market differently than the staff members and therefore, in the idea phase, can help a lot in promoting the ideas and adapting them. 

Adapting food products to markets and target audiences

As part of the chain of services, Product development chef, will help the marketing department, develop ideas for additional products to the idea that came up, or next generation products. On the technological side, the chef will have the ability to help develop the flavors and adapt them to the market, due to his familiarity with the raw materials, equipment and work techniques.

Taste tests in the development and upgrading of food products - the taste determines

In the taste test phase, the product development chef is very important, as well as in the market test phase - when changes and adjustments are required that require professional thinking and understanding.

Culinary consultant chef - strategic support for the development of food products

It is desirable to attach to the process Product development specialist, who will be able to ask the right questions in time and save a lot of unnecessary mistakes and headaches in the process, which is already complex - and lead the company/manufacturer to the development of the excellent product he wants, with a minimum of breakdowns along the way.

In many cases there is a demand for the development of new product(s) but there is no idea. Here too, a culinary consultant and professional product developer will be able to help, with brainstorming in examining and understanding the market and finding new directions and concepts that will suit the company.

Examining the meaning of the process. What is required to produce the product, raw materials, costs, time, technology, equipment, etc.

Yutz Culinary for marketing and training

One of the main factors for the success of a business that produces food products, is the ability to market them successfully. Companies that know how to connect the professional consultation phase, and the training of employees and sales agents in the process, will have a great advantage. Company employees are in most cases the best ambassadors of any business. Appropriate and professional training can get the most out of them and connect them more to the company and its products.

  • Tutorials- Training employees who identify with the products become the company's customers and of course its best ambassadors.  
  • Each company will require a different type of training adapted to its needs and the needs of its employees and products. In order to adapt the training to the company, a tailored training portfolio must be built after characterizing needs
  • Conducting training workshops for the company's employees to familiarize themselves with the company's products

Conducting workshops for sales agents - Familiarity and uses of the products with the end consumer.

Tutorials for marketing people According to the division in the company (brands / products / division, etc.).

Workshops for marketing professionals for brainstorming and ideas for new product development.

Culinary consultant chef for restaurants

  • When the business is in crisis - then the goal of the consultant will be to build a rescue plan from the crisis, implement it successfully and make sure that the business does not enter into additional crisis(es) in the future!
  • Culinary consultant For smaller tasks such as the desire to upgrade the dishes in the restaurant/ develop new product(s) etc.

Culinary consultant chef for an employee catering tender

Culinary consultant, can also help companies that are required to hold a tender, in order to find catering for employees. and also for food companies, participating in the tender, in order to improve the chances of succeeding in it. In order to prepare the tender, it must be filled with professional-legal and insurance contents and, according to the proposals received, accompaniment and advice to the tender committee is required, for a taste test and review of the successful proposals, for the purpose of choosing the most successful proposal.. In order to help the catering company to take part in the tender, it is possible Advice and accompaniment as well as preparation of the proposal itself by the consultant to increase the chance of success.