Prosolev Technology and Advanced Food Engineering, our story!

Prosolv Technology and innovation from laboratories to the production line in the food world

We at Prosolev believe inCreativity and innovation in the field of food, Strengthening technological leadership, product development By entrepreneurs and start-ups in the food tech world, Assistance to food factories Reinvent themselves, develop products, improve production processes

30 years of experience

ProSolv Company One of the leaders in Israel in the field of technology and advanced food engineering, specializing in product development and improving production processes. The company is led by Guy Toby and Arturo Geifman, a food engineer and technologist, with over 30 years of professional experience in leading companies in the food industry in Israel, with specialization in product development, production and quality assurance.

one stop shop

The service is a 360-degree "one stop shop", where we accompany the process from the unique concept stage of an entrepreneur or start-up food-tech, until the product reaches the shelf for retail, institutional sale or as a raw material for industry.

First-class team

ProSolv Company Includes a team of experts, engineers and technologists, with decades of experience in various fields in the industry, which allows us to provide a solution in a wide range of food products, highlighting our advantage in the field of development. The expanded team includes experts in regulation, packaging, chefs and nutritionists, informatics and market futurism.

Our extensive experience allows us to lead our customers to the correct milestones to save costs and time in such a complex process.

Partners in Margalit Start City, the Podtech Center in the Galilee

We are proud to take a professional and significant part as partners in the Margalit Startup City Galil Innovation Center, founded by entrepreneur Erel Margalit, which is Israel's international podtech center.

Our expertise?

  • Design and development of food products from a conceptual concept to a shopping cart for factories, manufacturers and entrepreneurs
  • Food import: food import approvals, standard packaging label, activity against the regulation / approvals and manufacturer's licenses, assistance in obtaining approvals, food manufacturer's licenses and food licenses in the field of food.
  • Standardization of food quality and safety in establishments / Preparation for certification and accompaniment of establishments to ISO, HACCP, BRC, GMP standards
  • · Advanced Culinary Culinary consulting for restaurants and catering
  • Serial production Design / production concept for factories and production lines
  • · Workshops, seminars, lectures by a professional team that provides dozens of technologies and food engineering 
  • Organic food and more